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Domain Emporium specialise in selling premium domain names to businesses and individuals who require a unique domain name that will stand out for their website. Branding is everything, and using a domain name that clearly shows the industry your business is in like, can be much more useful than using as it gives better recognition of what the business does, and will aid in your marketing and sales efforts.

Alternatively, using a shorter domains name for your website or email, makes it easier for your clients to reach you, as it is easier to remember and type. A 2, 3 or 4 letter abbreviation of your business name is one way of doing this, and we have many such domains available.

Please have a look at our domain portfolio here, and use the contact form on the domain’s page to make an offer or contact us.

Payment methods accepted include EFT Bank Transfers, Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa), InstantEFT, Masterpass and Paypal

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

If you are interested in a specific domain, use one of the contact forms on the site to send us a query asking what the selling price of the domain is, or to make an offer for the domain.

Once we have agreed on a price, the client provides their company or personal and contact details, and an official invoice is sent containing payment details.

Payment by EFT is required, and the domain will be available for transfer once the payment appears on the bank statement, which is usually by the next business day

A domain transfer request is then sent by the client’s hosting company and when it is received by us and payment is confirmed, the transfer request is accepted and the actual domain transfer takes place, concluding the sale transaction

The client is then free to use the domain for a website or emails, or even just to resell it

How is the domain transferred to me?

We prefer to have the domain transferred to a completely separate domain registrar in order to indicate a definite end to the transaction. Keeping the domain with the current registrar and just changing the name and contact details blurs the lines a bit and it is therefore required that the client submit a domain transfer request with another domain registrar or website hosting company in order to complete the transaction.

We will absolutely honour all domain transfer requests as soon as payment into our bank account is confirmed, However, we cannot send you a domain, it needs to be requested and the domain transfer request is then accepted. Also, domains can only be transferred between registrars, not between persons. The registrar is normally a company that provides domain registration or website hosting services, and the domain is kept by the registrar on behalf of the client.

In other words – to transfer the domain you purchased, you need to create an account with a domain registrar and/or website hosting company and then using this account, request a domain transfer of the domain purchased. We, as the losing owner will then accept the transfer, thereby concluding the transaction.

I sent a Proof of Payment, please transfer my domain immediately

Unfortunately, due to the increase in fraudulent transactions, a Proof of Payment that is sent to us by Email, SMS, WhatsApp or Fax is not enough proof the payment has been made. The payment will be deemed completed when it appears in our bank account, that is final. EFT transfers normally take about one business day to complete. If the transfer was made outside bank office hours, it may take two working days to complete

Are there any other costs?

The sales amount is the only money to be paid to us. Once the sales transaction is concluded and the domain has been transferred, the domain can be used by you for a website or email

However, we are not a domain registrar, we make use of external registrars to register and transfer domains, and they have additional costs to be paid – to them, not to us. Unlike fixed assets like houses and cars, domain names never really belong to anybody. You are free to use it as long as you continue to pay an annual domain renewal fee, which is determined by the registrar the domain is currently held by.

Additionally, if you want to use the domain for website or email hosting, you will need to pay the company responsible for that a monthly or annual fee

I cannot make an EFT payment as I am not in South Africa

In this case we will probably allow payment by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Wire, but it will depend on the individual situation.

So if you would like to make payment by alternative method, please contact us to discuss it

Can you suggest a registrar to transfer my domain to? Domain Transfer: Free Domain Renewal: R79 per year Domain Transfer: Free Domain Renewal: R57.50 per year